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A Holy pilgrimage town on the plains, set at the foot of Sri Arunachala, reputedly the most ancient hill in the world. Fossils have shown Arunachala to have existed before the Himalayas arose and before the advent of prehistoric monsters. Kailash(Himalaya) is the resident of Lord Shiva. where as this mountain itself is Lord Shiva. So, that the pilgrims are preferring to go around (Pradhakshna) the mountain. Mythology says that in this mountain Lord Shiva become a tejolingam or ‘Column of Fire’ without top or bottom, in order to end a quarrel between Brahma and Vishnu as to who was the greatest of the gods.
To commemorate this event, a beacon of fire is lit on the peak on the night of Karthigai Deepam (Festival of Light: During the end of November to mid of December on the Tamil month of karthigai mostly on the nearest full moon day) when lakhs of pilgrims gather for Pradhakshna around the mountain. The mountain is 8 miles(14 Kms) around and it takes about three hours to walk around the hill(properly barefoot), for which, Salvation is said to be assured.
Sri Ramana Maharishi        
As a young man of 17, in South India, he suddenly had an overwhelming sense of imminent death. So sure was he that he was about to die that he simply lay down and relaxed into the inevitable. Holding still as a corpse and holding his breath, as though already dead, he inquired into 'who' it was that died. What he realized was that the 'I', the awareness itself didn't die. This was not just an insight, but a deep and permanent awakening to his eternal Self. A few weeks later he traveled to Arunachala Hill, an ancient sacred site, where he spent the next 50 years teaching others of this Self, and giving the silent transmission of awakened consciousness until his death in 1950.
The Ashram: is set at the foot of a spur of Arunachala. It was once hidden in the jungle beyond the town, but is now engulfed by the noisy suburbs and busy main road. The Ashram has grown enormously since the days of Bhagavan. It now comprises a huge, modern, glossy marble-walled fan-cooled temple (Samadhi Mandir) with ornate pillars and wrought-ironwork around the tomb (which replaces the original open-air and flower potted simple samadhi-shrine). The ornate temple-shrine dedicated to Bhagavan’s mother, is now partly converted into managerial offices and a small library.
The original old dining hall and kitchens remain basically as they were in Bhagavan’s day; beside stores, cowsheds, a hot-water washhouse and a vedapatasala (a school for young Brahmacharyas); magazine and publications offices; housing for residential ashramites, several small samadhis of ashram pets (animals and birds) and the curio-shrineroom, amid flowering bushes and a palm grove inhabited by scores of monkeys and peacocks.

Yogi Ramsuratkumar

YogiRamsuratkumar, the Greatest saints of this era was born in a village near Kashi on the first day of December, 1918. In his childhood, he loved very much to meet the yogis and monks.He was befriended by a number of holy men who build their huts on the Ganges shore or simply wander nearby.

In search of His spiritual father,His spiritual mission started in the year 1947,when he decided to visit the renowned sage and patriot of India, Sri Aurobindo Ghose.He expressed his desire to the old monk.Aurobindo then asked yogiram to meet another holy man the sage of Arunachala,Sri Ramana Maharishi.

He later moved to Kerala at the ashram of Swami Ramdas.Sri Aurobindo gave him Jnana, Sri Maharshi blessed him with tapas and Swami Ramadas gave him the nectar of Bhakti. Swami Ramadas initiated him into the holy mantra : " Om Sri Ram Jai Ram Jai Jai Ram ", by pronouncing it thrice in his ears.

After a Prolonged spiritual voyage, Yogiji finally reached Tiruvannamalai in the Southern India. He was seen near the Temple chariot, at the corners of the Road, under the trees of the Temple. Swamiji then began living in a small house in Sannadhi Street beneath the Temple. He continued to bless the devotees who thronged at thousands to His house at the Sannadhi Street. The Devotees wished Him to have an Ashram which He gently accepted. The Yogi Ramsuratkumar Ashram is constructed at Agrahara collai with a total area of 3.5 Acres.

Sathanur Dam

Another tourist spot for pleasure trip is Sathanur Dam, 30km from Tiruvannamalai. For the delight of visitors, bear, porcupine, hare and birds like pigeons are reared here. To attract the children and youngsters Swimming pool, Crocodile park, Flower park, Children's park (with mini-zoo) suspension bridge,  Fish farm are also presented here. Colored statues find place and they appear exactly like real men. It is very good picnic spot for weekenders as well as those who are visiting Tiruvannamalai. Transport services are available from Tiruvannamalai.